Levchev Translations

International translations of the poems of Lyubomir Levchev


courtesy of artchive.com

by Lyubomir Levchev

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The small white towers

perched on the roofs were made once

to wait for old time boats.

They look like street lamps.

Broken cages,

abandoned by the light.

Heavenly phials for tears….


But I can feel that even those figures are empty,

because we haven’t stopped


the small white towers

meant for solitary,

ever waiting,

captain’s wives.


We are seized by other oceans.

The atomic submarines lie across

at Groton’s bottom.

But probably they too have already become

useless figures of an exhausted age…


Yet, what has survived

that fills us, and glows inside us,

while we cleave the rollers

and after that?


Only you have survived,

silent women, sad and gorgeous–


waiting for whaling ships…


Specters of the old port.

We will sink.

You won’t believe it.


O darling,

open the door of dream –

I am on my way.

I am returning voluntarily

to the cage for fire.


And anew, a starry private cosmos rises.

My heart is sending off its sign to your heart


The beacon keeps beating in dactylic strikes:

two short lights and lengthy dark.


Translated into English by Valentin Krustev & Donna Martell.

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