Levchev Translations

International translations of the poems of Lyubomir Levchev



by Lyubomir Levchev



край Самън Ривър


                                    На Роберт Блай


Залезът бе включил своя рентген и преглеждаше

дробовете и сърцевината на света.

Тогава ми се мярна ангелът.

Пресичаше реката.

Пристъпваше по камъните.

А си имаше крила.


Може би го бяха пратили

да ни обясни на своя

символен език

защо и ний пресичаме живота,

танцувайки по камъни, морени

или може би развалини.

Бързеи бучат.

Заливат босите крака.

Хлъзгаво е знанието, на което

стъпваме. Но има

и над наште рамене и още по-нагоре

нещо непрогледно и разперено,

което ни крепи.

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along the Salmon River


                                    To Robert Bly


The sunset had turned on its X-ray and was examining

the lungs and the core of the world.

It was then that I had a glimpse of the angel.

He was crossing the river,

stepping on the stones.

Yet he had wings.


Maybe they had sent him

to explain to us in his

symbolic language

why we too cross life

dancing over stones and boulders

or perhaps over ruins.

Swift currents boom.

They overflow the bare feet.

Slippery the knowledge, on which

we step. Yet, there is

above our shoulders, and even higher up,

something impenetrable and spread out,

which gives us heart.


Translated into English by Valentin Krustev


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